Commuting to Regis

We want your experience as a commuter student to be an awesome one. What does that look like?  It means going to great events, getting connected to student organizations, finding great places to hang out and study, and connecting to other commuter students and residential students alike. It means making Regis your home away from home. 

Some things you need to know. All student programming, events, speakers and activities are for all students. That includes… well… You! We offer programs during the day, afternoons, evenings and weekends. Whether you are drawn to clubs, club sports, intramurals, outdoor programs, student government, or concerts, they are all about you. There’s a lot of different ways to be “In the Know” about these events – from low tech flyers on bulletin boards, to social media posts on RUSGA’s Instagram or the weekly email that comes out of the Student Engagement and Leadership Office. If you can’t find something out? Email your Commuter Student Assistant, drop by the Student Center Front Desk, or head up to the second floor of the Student Center, suite 217.

students eating at Student Center on campus

On-Campus Dining

Interested in eating in the dining hall, Walker's Pub or the Ranger Station? Commuter and off-campus students have the option to purchase meal plans from Bon Appetit dining services. 

student walking

Transportation and Parking

Whether you park on campus or take public transportation, getting to Regis is easy. The RTD bus and light rail both have stops convenient to campus and the neighborhood, and parking permits can be purchased online. 

Denver skyline

Student Activities

Making Regis your home involves diving in and getting involved! Find out more about Regis Traditions, student clubs and organizations, RUSGA (student government) and so much more!

Regi at the ranger den

The Ranger Den

Located off the West Hall patio (where the ski chairs are), the Ranger Den has comfortable couches, bean bag chairs, a TV, a gaming center, and a group study table. Its a super quiet place and was paid for by your Student
Activities Fee.

pizza at Walker's pub

Walker's Pub

Located on the Student Center first floor, Walkers has great food, a fireplace, large TV's, billiards, hand shuffleboard table, and a throwback Ms. Pacman machine. It's a bustling location where people meet, greet, study and connect.

student center lower lounge

Student Center Lower Level Lounge

Recently renovated by RUSGA, this space has a comfortable couch, tables for individual or group working sessions, and access to the Clubs and Organizations and RUSGA suites.

student center upper lounge


Located on the second floor of the student center, the lobby offers comfortable furniture, a large meeting table and several small tables for individual and small group work.


Dayton Memorial Library

The library has a broad array of workspaces, small group meeting rooms and study carousels. Outside food and drink are welcome in the building.


Claver Commons Space

The common space just outside the Mt. View Center is a good place to hang out and study. This area is also frequented by graduate students.

main cafe

Microwave and Refrigerators

The commuter student resource room (Student Center first floor behind Walker's Pizza Kitchen) has a microwave, refrigerator and sink. There is also a microwave located on the second floor of the Student Center, right next to the diversity office.

computer lab

Computer Rooms and Printers

Looking for a place to print? You can find computers and printers in the Carroll Hall basement, the Dayton Memorial Library, the Claver Mountain View Center and the Pomponio Science Building.


Regis Cupboard

Regis University Military & Veterans affairs office operates a food pantry for students. The pantry is located on the ground floor of Dayton Memorial Library. 

Emergency Phones

There are different types of emergency phones located around campus: Call Boxes, emergency rescue assistance boxes, and Blue Light emergency phone boxes. Pressing the button contacts Campus Safety directly who can even escort you from an academic building to your car when requested. Also make sure to sign up for RUAlerts to stay informed. 


Located just behind the Walkers Pub Pizza station on the first floor of the Student Center, the Commuter Resource Room has a refrigerator, lockers, microwave and sink for commuters to store and prepare their lunches.

Student using commuter lounge to do homework

Office and Services

All students including commuters have access to a variety of university services and resources. 

Student using commuter lounge to do homework

Off-Campus Housing

Students who have satisfied their residency requirement are eligible to live off campus. Our off-campus community website is a great tool to help you find roommates and rental properties in the neighborhood.

Myth-Busting and FAQs

Truth: No way! These locations take cash and debit/credit cards and you are free to hang out in these spaces.

Truth: Nope! You just need to sign in as a guest of a residential student to spend time in any of the residence halls.

Truth: There is some late night programming, but most programs are in the afternoons and early evenings.

Truth: Due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions the Ranger Den is closed until further notice.